Lisa Jin

Who am I?

Formally, a senior at the University of Michigan studying computer science. Off the record, someone who is obsessed with making useful, elegant things and fell in love with coding as a medium. Occasionally can found behind a music stand instead of a computer screen.

What am I looking for?

Many of my pursuits have been crosses between disciplines, with biology and healthcare featuring heavily. Currently, I am involved in graph mining research with the goal of detecting developmental patterns in the brain. Such applied work has always intrigued me, and I plan on continuing with research.

When did I decide?

Building web applications as an intern at Vodori and for the Kellogg Eye Center has shown me how quickly a problem can go from "thought-stuff" to solution. The learning process of facing an ill-defined problem has been the most enjoyable, and I hope to apply the confidence I gained to more open-ended questions.


Ann Arbor, MI.


Good question. Let me do some research and get back to you.